“This brand-new facility is a vital first step to keeping thousands of solar panels out of landfills each year, while creating jobs and growing rural Nevada’s economy. Nevada is leading the way in sustainability and innovation…”

-Senator Catherine Cortez Masto, April 26, 2024


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About Comstock Metals

Comstock Metals provides technology-driven, efficient, and cost-effective solar panel end-of-life electrification component recycling. Today, we’re offering an environmentally superior, cost-competitive, and compliant 100% solar panel recycling solution for end-of-life solar photovoltaic panels that results in complete elimination of potentially harmful laminates and VOCs, ensuring the safe recovery of remaining materials for industrial re-use. Comstock Metals is a subsidiary of Comstock Inc. 

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About Comstock Inc.

Comstock (NYSE: LODE) commercializes technologies that enable systemic decarbonization and accelerate the energy transition by efficiently converting under-utilized natural resources into renewable energy products, and by leveraging physics based artificial intelligence for more efficient and effective mineral and materials discovery.

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